Denim Patchwork Sling

A cool denim sling bag for your everyday use.

A cool sling bag created with rectangular patchwork of denim strips for you to carry on a casual outing any day.This chill sling  bag comes with a main zippered pouch and a smaller zippered pocket on the inside.

The tough denim fabric makes it an easy to wash and the light weight makes it a perfect utility bag for your everyday use.

We believe in creating products that help increase the utility of the waste with us, therefore we have used upcycled fabric like old or discarded fabric sourced from garment factories and boutiques, as the lining inside for this sling bag and so the pattern and colour inside each bag will vary according to the waste available with us.

The colour blue of the denim patches will vary depending on the denim waste available with us.

But the design and finish will be consistent across all pieces.

Dimensions (inches): 11x 8

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