- A consortium of Craft, Artisan & Competence.

A startup which strengthens the society & impact customers. We try to showcase handpicked collection of artworks along with the stories sublime.
Stories, that reflects the Doers, their rich traditional legacies and their fascinating artworks from the multiple domain of expertise. We encourage & inspire them to transcend geographic barriers, help to create an ecosystem of cultural exchange & collaborative initiatives.


Our logo is all about the IDENTITY.

The logo being curated considering the identity of the artisans.

It represents the MANTRA of keeping it NATURAL & SIMPLE. 

The fingerprint represents the unique impression, which is integrated in each product of our collections. 


Empowering artisans with an effective channel to reach global consumers. We bridge people who are in search of consumables with an essence of creativity.

         o A sensible step towards sustainability & inclusive approach. 

         o Promoting the essence of creativity & application. 

         o Considering sustainability at the core of everything.  

         o Motto is to walk towards more balanced eco system. 

         o We believe One responsible initiative can create a ripple of change which impacts life.

Aside promoting cultural curiosity & a sense of exploring something authentic, handcrafted craft works we also focused on responsible consumption, curating designs with modern aesthetics in such way that promotes, recycle, reuse & up cycle. We encourage the walk towards sustainability to reduce carbon footprints.